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Applied   Micro   Design,   Inc.   (AMDI)   is   an   engineering         company, incorporated      in   the   State   of   Maryland   and   conveniently   located   in Frederick   near   the      Montgomery   County   Technology      Corridor.   AMDI provides   product   and   services   to   both   government   and      private industry. Our   staff   has   expertise   in   the   hardware   and      firmware   design      of     microprocessor-based   and   FPGA-based   systems,      RF   circuit      design,     analog   and   digital   design,      and   computer   applications      programming.     All work is done in-house,  at our ISO 9001:2015 registered facility. We      design,   develop,      and   manufacture   high-performance,         cost- effective    solutions    including    In-Building    Wireless,    battle        proven tactical   radios,      and   tracking   hardware   for   land   animal      and   birds.     AMDI*      staff      has   delivered   high   quality   products      and   services   for over   twenty   years,      to   an   established   client      base   that   has   come   to depend on the company to tackle tough engineering challenges. *AMDI    facilities,    staff    and    intellectual    property    have    previously operated     under     the     trade     names     Aerocon     (1989-1994)     and AeroComm (1994 -2002)