Hardware design RF circuit design Analog and digital design System design and integration Engineering prototypes Micro Computer Based Design 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit processors Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Embedded Control Systems Firmware development Product Life Extension “Build-to-Print” of existing hardware New designs to make obsolete systems functional
Electrical Design Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design Flex circuit or rigid-flex capability Hierarchical and multi-sheet schematic generation Comprehensive library of analog, digital, and RF components Printed circuit assembly and fabrication documentation Application software: PADS Logic for schematics and PADS Layout for printed circuit design Operation and maintenance manuals, test procedures, and data sheets
Mechanical Design Fabrication and assembly drawings Wiring and interconnection diagrams Installation drawings Parts lists Silk screen drawings System drawings for buildings, tunnels, airborne, ship-borne and railroad Generation and maintenance of all necessary documentation to manufacture and assemble products Application software: SolidWorks,  AutoCAD 2000 mechanical design,  CorelDraw for data sheets and documentation, and Microsoft® Office products
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